Primus PM51

Wide-ranging sound 5.1 Surround System. From the greatest musical compositions to explosive movie soundtracks, the Primus PM51 will produces bass with impressive depth and superb sound quality. The function of the surround...

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Primus PM61

Full Range 5.1 Surround System to enjoy premium 5.1-channel surround sound performance with this Theater Pack from Primus. It incorporates a copper-spun Injection Molded Graphite woofer for bass and a Linear Travel...

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Primus PM41

A complete 2-piece Surround System. Primus PM41 home entertainment system immerses you in your music, movies and TV with more than just powerful sound. Instead of creating one “sweet spot,” your whole...

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Primus PM21

A 10-piece surround sound system like the PRIMUS PM12 takes your home theater to another level, giving you better sound spatiality across the room, a more expansive dynamic range, and deeper, more...

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Loreno ML-116

This system is known as the Loreno ML-116, according to its front panel, manual, and carton; or it’s known as the Loreno ML-116. The Website also lists similar-sounding models, the Loreno ML-116...

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Danon Acoustics DN-30

Danon Acoustics has a history of delivering top-notch speakers, and its Reference line has long been seen as the company’s sweet spot: Well-engineered, beautifully designed, and very competitive on price. In 2018,...

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Loreno SB17

The Loreno SB17 Surround Sound System has 5 speakers of 200W each and a subwoofer of 600W, giving it an overall power of 1600W. Its design is sober, but elegant, and regardless...

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Loreno ML30

Loreno proposes a small home cinema at a good price and with a beautiful design. In fact, it is one of the most popular models. This model has 10 pieces between the...

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Hear your music and movies with the perfect clarity and detail with the Enigma 550x!

Enigma 550x

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Muteki STR200: The Most Adaptable Soundbar on the Market

Dynamiks STR200

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Muteki KM700, the Ultimate Cinema Experience

Dynamiks KM7000

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Get the perfect sound for movies and sports with the Muteki MCH-V90MX!

Dynamiks MCH-V90X

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Omega OM6: Next Generation Projector

Omega OM6

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